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About Artificial Grass

Why do more and more people consider artificial grass? It is now an affordable way to enjoy a lawn that looks immaculate all year round. Everblades have sourced the very best turf manufactured in the UK and overseas to offer our customers a range that meets their needs and suits their budget.

Some of the reasons that artificial grass may help you:

  • Low maintenance - You've worked hard all week so enjoy your garden rather than spending hours working on it.

  • Additional homes - Save the time and money tending to let properties or second homes with low maintenance gardens.

  • No Watering - Despite the rain we've had no doubt there will be water shortages if we get a hot spell. Enjoy your green looking lawn even when there is no water.

  • Durability - Our turfs are UV fade resistant guaranteed for 10 years and have a life span of 15 years plus depending on traffic 

  • Pet friendly - Our grass is easy to clean and durable.

  • All Year Green - In areas of low growth for natural grasses, in kids play areas or other difficult to maintain areas your lawn will stay green.

  • Space saving - no need for sheds for gardening equipment required for a good natural lawns. Ideal for small town gardens. 

  • No More Mud - Most garden's we visit are used by kids and dogs and as such are usually a mud pit.  With artificial grass mud is a thing of the past, no more muddy footprints and paw prints in the house.

Our Vision

To create beautiful gardens for lovers of the outdoor life and families that can be enjoyed all year round. In addition to laying immaculate artificial lawns we provide an all round service for everything you need for your garden including patios, fencing, decking and brickwor.

Everblades is the solution for your perfect garden.​

Sam Biggerstaff Owner


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