Pet friendly artifical grass and solutions

Many of our customers are looking for the pet friendly benefits of artificial grass. Our grasses from have been engineered over 40 years utilising the latest technology available. If you are looking for artificial turf for dogs specifically them our ranges ensure you have the very best solution for your pets. Many claim to have the pet friendly solution but our partners at Progreen have the renowned market leader per friendly grass in the USA and let those facts speak for themselves. More information is below but feel free to contact our sales team who can talk you through the benefits of the grass, infills and dog friendly solutions for artificial grass.

Progreen Grass

Through rigorous research and development research and development, we are confident in the functionality of the Progreen artificial grass system for dogs, and we know you will be, too. Utilising Polyurethane backing the grass does not absorb liquids like other grasses on the market and the K9 technology grass launched in 2016 has the latest through-flow drainage technology. ProGreen Canine PE/Mono + Texturized PE Thatch filaments are used in our dog friendly specific range of grasses.



As partners of Progreen, Zeofill infill provides additional odour control if you are noticing urine smells and can be used with any artificial or standard grass that you have installed. Whilst we recommend a certain length of grass and provide recommendations for odour control to be maximised. ZeoFill is the purest 97+% Clinoptilolite zeolite which is volcano ash that landed on purified water millions of years ago.  ZeoFill's Mohs is 4.2 to 5 and we stand behind our product with a 5 year warranty depending on mesh size. That's the technical bit but in short the ZeoFill absorbs the urine and releases it odour free during periods of rainfall.


You can purchase PE51 directly through Amazon and it works on any grass so it doesn't matter if you have selected an alternative provider for your grass. The deoderiser is 100% natural and causes no side effects to pets and makes any artificial grass pet friendly. 

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