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Additional Garden Services

Brickwork, Patios & Fencing


We provide all of the services you need to make your garden perfect. In managing it as one job we can save you money and inconvenience of getting services from a number of different suppliers. We coordinate the job for you in full saving you time and money.


We can provde details of landscaping work we have undertaken in your area and most of our customers are happy to let others peruse our workmanship.





Lighting & General Electrical


At Everblades we believe the garden can be appreciated 365 days a year.....and nights too. Our EIC / NIC approved electricians work with us to install the electrical requirements at the correct time during the work process. From waterproof garden sockets to mood lighting we work with our customers to set the required tone.


You'll want to show off your immaculate lawn during the day but you'll also be able to show off its versatility and maintenance free nature for all manner of garden events. 


Design Service


We work with a few different designers alongside our own experiences to help you decide on a design that suits you. If you are stuck for ideas for simply need reassurances over your own designs our team are here to help. 

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