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Watford Landscaper and Artificial Grass Installer



If you are looking for artificial grass in Watford and surrounding areas then Everblades pride themselves on their professional approach to artificial grass installation. Whilst many companies have added artificial grass services to their portfolio we have spent the last few years becoming the experts in artificial grass installs in Watford and surrounding areas. We researched the difference between short pile and long pile, large stitching and close stitching, polyurethane versus latex backed solutions If you live close to Watford and you are looking for artificial grass for your dogs to enjoy, or artificial grass for a putting green that you want to install in your garden, make sure you waste no time contacting our helpful team today. We can discuss your options with you, talk to you about how to manage the surface and how it works, as well as providing you with a FREE no-obligation quote over the phone or through a site visit.

Artificial Grass Installation


Whether it’s fake grass, artificial turf, fake turf, or lazy grass when it comes to a realistic artificial garden Everblades is building a reputation for being the best. We prefer to install grass from our supplier Perfectly Green who have years of experience and are continually providing the latest technologies in the market. 

Free Quotation


We have example showroom quality artificial grass jobs. We provide a range of sports grasses for domestic lawns, pool surrounds, rooftops, balconies, and our Progreen is gaining a reputation for the best artificial grass for dogs and pets in general. Call us for a free quote for artificial grass in Watford today and speak to one of our professional installers about your all-year-round garden.

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