Grass types

Amazing all year round grass with numerous benefits. Mud free, anti-allergy, low maintenance artificial grass offers a hassle-free surface suitable for children, pets and those who desire a lovely looking garden. We offer a variety of turfs to suit your needs or to simply get the look you desire.


All of our grasses are manufactured in the US and have a polyurethane backing which unlike latex does not absorb water giving an extended life span of between 15-20 years.  You can also take comfort in the knowledge that all of our products are 100% lead-free.

K9 Deluxe ProFlow 2100

Our top of the range grass.  This turf has a 28mm pile height and has 2100 grammes of grass and yarn sewn in to every square metre. It has a pioneering new ProFlow backing which allows water to drain through wherever it lands. It comes with various shades of green grass and brown yarn to give it a realistic look. 

Natural Real 2100

Our mid range grass. With a pile height of 34mm and 2100 grammes of grass and yarn sewn in to every square metre this gives a soft and lush look to your garden.  Sewn in with brown yarn and various shades of green grass gives this product a natural and realistic look.

Putting Green Augusta

For golf lovers or for everyday use this putting green replica can be applies in specific loacations as well as whole lawns. At 12mm it is a smooth running turf for sports enthusiasts. Artificial grass putting greens are the easiest way to lower your golf score and the ideal way to practice, improve the consistency and accuracy of your short game and in general just enjoy golf at home in your very own garden

Natural Real 1100

Our economy range grass.  This turf is 34mm and has 1100 grammes of grass and yarn sewn in to every square metre.  It comes with various shades of green grass and brown yarn to give it a realistic look. 


Our budget grass has a 25mm pile height and is a hybrid of sports astro turf and domestic grass, ideal for areas that get a lot of traffic such as a playing field or school or nursery play area.

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